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Truth Aquatics

Truth Aquatics

A Trio of Superior First-Class Dive Boats in Southern California


These boats are usually booked way in advance and have many multi-day trips to the Northern Channel Islands unless noted. On the 80' ft Vision and 75' ft Conception, maximum number is 37 passengers, and on the 65' ft Truth the limit is 35 passengers.  While located in Santa Barbara, they can and do go to all of the Northern and Southern Channel Island and even to Big Sur and other Wreck dive sites.


Harbor: Santa Barbara; Truth Boat is temporarily located at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach through the month of April!


Charter Type: Day, Multi-day, Special (Free diving, Hunting, Lobster, etc.)


Special amenities: great food, below deck shower room, special warm-air room dries wet suits quickly between dives, special food requests, 32% nitrox air-fills on board for Truth Boat; single & double-sized bunks available; live game wells as well as deep freezers to store your fresh caught game. The bunkroom has comfortable single and double bunks that offer curtains, reading lights, pillows and blankets along with a dressing room.


Note: A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation. Trips include air fills and food. Don't forget to bring your cert . card, cylinder/tank, weights and all your scuba gear. Limited Load Dives normally occur once per month. These trips are normally very similar to normal multi-day dives, except that the number of tickets sold onboard the boat is decreased. On a normal multi-day dive onboard the Vision, for example, we would sell out at 37 passengers. On a Limited Load onboard the Vision, we are sold out at 26 passengers. This provides the divers with a little extra elbow room.


Reminder: Double check that you have your belongings before departure.


Boat Location Address: 301 West Cabrillo Boulevard • Santa Barbara, CA 93101