What You Need

Technical Dive Gear

Technical Dive Gear

Additional equipment investment can include the following:

BCD wing style ((or with a back plate (steel or aluminum) harness)) with "D" Rings and either a single or double wing. A single wing is acceptable if student is in a drysuit as that will act as redundant lift;

3+ Regulators - Primary and secondary regulators for the twinset (primary with a long hose); stage bottle regulator in O2 service

3+ Tanks - various combinations of twin aluminum 80's or steel 100s or a single 95 or 100 high pressure tank with an "H" or "Y" valve and an aluminum 40 cleaned with DIN fittings as a stage bottle configured with swivel clips.

2 timing devices and wrist slate, such as a wrist mounted dive (two gas) computer and watch as a backup.

Lift bags (2) 50 and 100 pounds;

Reels and finger spools;

Lights and knife;

Back up mask;

Everything needs to be O2 ready

Training materials