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Service / Repair

Malibu SCUBA Repair & Maintenance Philosophy

The key to maintaining the life of your SCUBA diving gear is to have it serviced routinely by a factory trained or currently certified repair technician, whether it's according to specific manufacturer scheduled guidelines, after frequent use or adverse conditions or when you notice a change.  In doing this, you’ll prolong the safety and reliability of your SCUBA gear.


Owning your own SCUBA gear is an awe-inspiring experience for many people. If you invested well, it is a major brand of equipment that is made with quality materials, latest technology and is a clear example of the finest craftsmanship available. Your gear likely incorporates many amazing features that require proper maintenance to keep it running at the optimal level. It is not very common that your gear will have to go in for frequent repairs, but after some time the parts will ultimately wear out and will be required to be repaired or replaced. At such point in time, going to a professional and experienced SCUBA service provider, like Malibu Divers Repair Service will be worth your time and money.

No matter how old or new your equipment is regular maintenance, service or repair of the it is very important. We at Malibu Divers Repair Service provide you with the required assistance and make sure that you get the best quality service on time. We analyze your gear using state of the art factory computers to figure out the essential repairs that are required. Being in the field for the over 40 years, we have served many pieces of gear in Los Angeles and our customers have come to rely upon us.

Our proficient technicians are experienced in repairing and maintaining all models of SCUBA gear. From regular maintenance to major repairs, we use the latest technologies and tools to fix any issue on time.

With our dedicated team of technicians, we provide assistance for SCUBA repair in Los Angeles in a highly professional way. With qualified and skilled technicians, our team can repair many issues while you wait. We will help you any way we can giving you the best Scuba repair in Los Angeles.

Undoubtedly, the enduring design and style of your SCUBA gear is a matter of pride and safety for you the owner. But there are certain times, when you cannot avoid damage or needed repairs, whether it is a dive computer-related issue, a regulator problem, Malibu Divers customer service is what you can count on to do our best. To get the best services or solutions for your gear, you can contact us and we will offer minor and major repair easily, and in a timely manner.  

Our Repair Services

At Malibu Divers, we have what your Scuba diving equipment needs. From the simplest adjustments or repair "while you wait" - to the most complex electronic or mechanical repair, we do it all. If you need rental equipment or rental gear while your item is being fixed or sent back to the manufacturer, we will arrange it all. We also coordinate with hydro labs and specialized repair shops if you need those services. We can have your equipment picked up and delivered or shipped directly back to you.