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Scuba Tune-Up / Scuba Review

Scuba Tune-Up / Scuba Review

Going on a trip? Been out of the water for a while? Sharpen your skills!

A PADI ReActivate or Scuba Tune Up with a member of the Malibu Divers staff will have you ready for your next dive.

We provide you with am access pass to Online (eLearning) or a self study workbook (quick & easy!), then you schedule to meet with one of our staff at the shop to go over your workbook, gather up gear (we provide everything except for mask, snorkel and fins), and head up to the pool for one to two hours of one-on-one skills review. We'll also review your scuba gear if you desire and make recommendations for everything you will need to make your next scuba diving trip the best ever.

Most importantly we will make you confident and effective in your diving skills. Come find out why our divers keep coming back to us!!

This review course helps certified divers update their dive knowledge and skills especially after a period of diving inactivity.

Optionally, combine it with one or more supervised open water dives at Casino Point or on one of our boat trips; it will get you comfortably and confidently get back in the water.  And the fun doesn't end there! YOU can expand your dive skills and experience by upgrading and receiving a certification in your choice of one of the following courses:

Advanced Open Water
Enriched Air/Nitrox Diving
Dry Suit Diving
Underwater Photography
Peak Performance Buoyancy

Is your schedule too hectic and uncertain or prefer one-on-one instruction? Then private instruction may be best for you. An experienced and sensitive instructor will work around your schedule, come to your home or office and make it easy for you to review and improve your scuba skills. If this sounds right for you, call us for a quote at (310) 456-2396.

You can now do the academic review of your Scuba Tune-up On-Line