Kids Programs

Scuba Birthday

Scuba Birthday

Fun, Exciting, Unique & Memorable Experience

• Children ages under 8: do snorkeling & enjoy pool toys
• Children ages 8-9: scuba dive in shallow water (max 6 ft.)
• Children 10 & up: scuba dive in shallow water and into the deep end (max 12 ft.)
• Adults can join-in to play also!

WHERE: At your private or community pool or at one of Malibu Divers pools.  Please note at public pools do not allow for a party with cake, food or other decorations.  Please discuss with us how to arrange your scuba experience as part of your party or bring your scuba diving event to your party.

–Plan for minimum of up to 6 participants to scuba dive.
– Increase for additional participants; please discuss maximum numbers with us. 
– Allow about an additional 30 minutes for 7-9 participants.

• 2 hours of pool time
• Try SCUBA experience with certified & insured Scuba professionals
• All scuba gear needed for experience—scuba unit, mask, snorkel and fins
• Skin diving instruction as added bonus
• Underwater games and pool toys to play with while at party
• An official Certificate of Completion
• Malibu Divers Coupon toward future Junior Open Water program
• Birthday gift and card from Malibu Divers for Birthday boy or girl (please provide size)

PARTY EXTRAS CAN INCLUDE: (please allow up to 2 weeks for special orders)
– Underwater-theme Birthday cake
– Goody Bag w/toy, treat, sticker and tattoo
– Deluxe Goody Bag w/official PADI Bubblemaker items
– PADI Bubblemaker Towel
– Official Malibu Diver Logo T-shirt
– Official Malibu Diver Hat
– Underwater Disposable Camera
– Underwater Digital Photos
– Toy Prizes - (see selection in store)
– Extra hours?

Please make your reservation well in advance with us. $100 non-refundable deposit to confirm reservation. Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to party and secured with a credit card. Reservations must have each diver’s name, age, contact info., height, weight and shoe size.

Each scuba participant and his or her parent/guardian must fill out and sign the appropriate waiver (based on age) before entering the water. If the participant checks “YES” on any condition on the medical history portion, the participant must receive a doctor’s approval before participating in scuba; you will then need to download the Medical Release. Adults are welcome to help supervise and take a swim or dive. Each “diver” must sign a liability release waiver as noted below.

PLEASE NOTE:  All parties will be either a Bubblemaker or Junior Discover Scuba Diving program based on the age of the youngest participant.
  • If your child or any participant is under 10 years old, the scuba birthday party will follow the requirements of a Bubblemaker program.  Download the Bubblemaker release forms for each child.
  • If all children are over 10 years old, the scuba birthday party will follow the requirements of a DSD, Discover Scuba Diving program.  Download the DSD release form for each child.