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Rugged Rescue Divers

Rugged Rescue Divers

RUGGED "R" - Rescue Diver & EFR - 5 Day Certification Training - Certified Diver Expeditions (Available every Camp week)

This certification should be the minimum level of training for all certified divers. 

Why?  Not because Scuba is dangerous. We say that because it's the responsible thing to do. Just like a Boy Scout - Be Prepared! If something were to happen, it's not just acting, but being trained and practiced in the best course of action. It gives those with PADI Advanced Open Water (or Adventure Diver with Navigation) certification, the opportunity to learn the practical skills of one of the most adventurous, challenging diving activities: underwater search and rescue.


WHY OUR CLASS is better?
We take dive training and safety seriously. That's why when you sign up for our Rescue Class, you also go through EFR, Emergency First Response training (First Aid & CPR). We feel that this additional training, usually optional with other dive shops, helps us produce fully trained divers who are better prepared to help themselves as well as other divers.
The course consists of: classroom session(s), confined water session(s), open water sessions and a final ocean scenario session that will test all of your skills in a simulated emergency situation, earning you a PADI Rescue Diver certification. This certification is recognized around the world and is an important pre-requisite to PADI training for Master Scuba Diver, and professional level training for Divemaster, and Instructor.

 Situation Assessment     Self Rescue     Diving First Aid 
 Equipment Problems  Tired Diver  Diver Stress
 Distressed Diver Underwater  Emergency Management  Field First Aid
 Surfacing the Unconscious Diver      Equipment Functions  Injured Diver Egress
 Unconscious Diver on Surface  Response from Shore / Boat       Missing Diver
 Diving Accident Scenarios  Managing Diver Stress
 and more!

All Rescue classes automatically include access codes for eLearning, online academics, the most efficient and best way to learn!  Scouts will be sent their access codes when they register with BSA.

MINIMUM AGE: 12 years old on the week you arrive at Camp (National Boy Scout rule).  Sorry, no exceptions. Advanced Open Water (or Adventure Diver with Navigation dive) is a pre-requisite for Rugged Rescue.


REGISTER: Sign-up with the West Valley Scout Office (818 785-8700) Camping Department or register on-line. Space is limited, sign-up early!

RELEASES: You will be emailed all additional information including releases.  They are provided here for reference.  Follow all the directions and fill them out completely and bring them with you to Camp.  Any questions or need more information - contact us.
PADI Medical Release
Continuing Education Release


Upgrade Add-on: DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider Program (DEMP)

Would you like to be more than a rescue diver? If the answer is yes, Malibu Divers and DAN (Diver's Alert Network) have a class for you. This class gives you additional advanced emergency training. Completion of this class makes you eligible for DES, which stands for Dive Emergency Specialist. Get the training the dive professionals take. You must be at least a rescue diver and have a current EFR or CPR / First Aid certification.

DEMP Includes:

  • Basic Life Support, BLS (CPR & First Aid)
  • Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries
  • First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
  • Neurological Assessment

& receive 3 PADI Distinctive Specialty ratings toward earning your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating!

Call or email us about our complete DAN Training & Education Offerings!