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Rugged Oceanographers

Rugged Oceanographers

RUGGED "O" - Advanced Open Water - 5 Day Certification Training - Certified Diver Expeditions

In Rugged Oceanographers, you will learn about and explore all of Catalina's unique underwater environments as you earn your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. Our dive boats speed Rugged "O" participants to the best dive locations on Catalina Island. You will learn and practice advanced dive techniques, such as precision underwater navigation, deep dives to a strange world where light seems to have no source, search and recovery dives, night dives lit only by your dive light and the glowing algae that swirls around you, and much, much more. 

NOTE: eLearning (on-line) class work will be utilized as explained above and must be completed prior to coming to camp.

MINIMUM AGE: 12 years old on the week you arrive at Camp (National Boy Scout rule). Prerequisite: must be certified as an Open Water diver.  Sorry, no exceptions.


REGISTER On-Line: with the West Valley Scout  or call 818 785-8700 Camping Department. Space is limited, sign-up early to reserve your spot!

RELEASES: You will be emailed all additional information including releases.  They are provided here for reference.  Follow all the directions and fill them out completely and bring them with you to Camp.  Any questions or need more information - contact us.
PADI Medical Release
Continuing Education Release