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Rocks, Rips, and Reefs

Rocks, Rips, and Reefs

Learning to Beach Dive For Non Divers and Divers 

The 3R's (Rocks, Rips and Reefs) is a free course designed to safely introduce divers to popular, local dive sites. Conducted by certified Los Angeles County Scuba Instructors, the Rocks, Rips and Reefs course includes a short educational seminar covering safe beach diving skills, certain aspects of the local marine environment, and other valuable, site-specific information. 

Conditions permitting, the seminar is followed by an in-water demonstration and practice session that includes a skin diving tour of the actual dive site. 

Topics and skills covered in the course include: 

• Choosing appropriate entry and exit points, and safe entry and exit skills 
• Identifying, anticipating and navigating hidden obstacles in the surf zone 
• How to use the ocean's natural wave motion to your advantage 
• How to plan your dive by reading the ocean's surface and using tide tables 
• How to find interesting stuff at each location 

Skin Gear (FSG) for 3R's. Full Skin Gear is full wetsuit, mask, fins, and a snorkel. We highly recommend sturdy booties with open heel fins to provide foot protection. A hood and gloves are also recommended for comfort and safety. You can rent or purchase your full skin gear at Malibu Divers; sizes are limited, first come, first served for rental gear - we open at 8 am on Saturday.  You need to come in on Friday afternoon to checkout gear for Saturday.

If you desire to wear a weight belt for practicing skin diving, you need to wear a snorkeling vest of buoyancy compensator and wear only half the weight you would normally wear for scuba diving. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and other exposure protection (depending on the day) as well as drinking water to maintain hydration. 

July 12, 2014 8:00 AM at Leo Carrillo South 
August 9, 2014 8:00 AM at Point Dume
** Mandatory Sign-in & Gear Check: 7:30 am-8:00 am; session starts at 8:00 am SHARP;  No in-water participation for late arrivals after 8:00 am.

Here's an interesting article here about the event in California Diver Magazine.

For Certified Divers, there may be a Malibu Diver Fun Dive or other training after these events.  Checkout our Calendar and Facebook Events for the latest information.

Want to join or have any questions? Contact Malibu Divers for more information.