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Referral Program

Referral Program

Referral is the option of completing your Course at another location. Almost any course (a couple of exceptions) you take here at Malibu Divers or elsewhere, you can stop and start your course. Talk to us first before making a decision so that you can better plan and understand your options.

Why do a Referral?

1. Maybe you didn't finish in time before your next dive trip out of town.

2. Perhaps you prefer to do your open water dives in another environment (i.e. warmer water)

3. You want to complete your training with another diver in another location.

4. You want to get certified, but first you want to see how it goes in the pool.  (You can always add your Ocean portion afterward.

5. You started your course at another dive store or instructor and you're unhappy with the quality or have issues that are not being resolved.

Whatever the reason is - we have a standard process of providing your training and to ensure you have all of the necessary Diver documentation you need for another Dive Instructor when you are a student diver and are part-way through a course and wants to finish the course at another location.  Need help finding a referral location?  We can help you.

You can complete all of your class and pool requirements here to minimize the amount of time you will need to complete while on vacation.  When planning your referral, one of the most important releases to review is the SCUBA medical release (Freediving medical release)  If there are any Yes on this document, you will need to have a physician sign page 2 to clear you for starting your program.   There maybe additional releases needed where you are going to complete your open water dives. Any questions,contact us

Keep in mind Referrals expire 12 months (some programs are 6 months) from the date of the last training segment and are best completed within a short amount of time to provide continuity to your education and skill development.

To get started, you can join one of our already scheduled COURSES (or request a private program based on your schedule), check our Calendar and contact us for any questions.