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Point Dume - Westward Beach

Point Dume - Westward Beach

State Beach - MLPA, Marine Life Protected Area


Considered a California State public beach, it is between two areas - Broad Beach to the west and Escondido Beach. Point Dume State Beach is 63 acres in size, and is one of the last and finest examples of coastal bluff scrub in Southern California. In 1992, a 34-acre parcel of Point Dume was designated a State Natural Preserve, one of the highest levels of protection afforded by law. The volcanic rock cliffs provide living areas for cliff-roosting birds, and the sparkling tide pools provide habitat for rich intertidal and sub-tidal marine life including protected sea stars, octopi, anemones, sea urchins, mussels and crabs.  Though small in land mass size, Point Dume State Beach at the northern edge of Santa Monica Bay has many significant features including panoramic views and opportunities to see increasingly rare plants and animals.  Take some time to visit and hike the 2 miles of scenic trails through grasslands, coastal bluff scrub, and southern foredune (a part of a system of sand dunes on the side nearest to the sea) areas allow you to view an island of delicate biological integrity. The incredible vistas here at the point provide an opportunity for nondivers to view sea lions, harbor seals and dolphins in the surf only a few dozen feet away. This promontory also provides one of the few dry-land viewing sites for migrating gray whales that lets you get close enough to count their barnacles! The best viewing time for these majestic creatures is November through April. To see the newborn whale calves migrate, be here from February on into the spring.

MLPA - All natural, marine life and cultural features are protected and may not be collected, moved or harmed.

This beautiful beach is very popular with tourists and locals.  During the summer and holidays, you may not be able to get parking unless you arrive early in the morning or late at night.  You'll find divers, surfers, and freedivers here because the underwater life is magnificent.  Caution needs to be highly exercised in this dive area due to strong currents and depths.  When in doubt, don't. 

There are several planned activities taking place here throughout the year since the area has such a great appeal. Make sure to check with the Lifeguards and the Malibu calendar when you plan to dive here and that it will be open to the public.

During the summer time and good weather weekends, it will be heavy usage because it is easily accessible to the general public who want to use the beach.  During the off season, take a weekend day off and try diving here.  Start early and if the surf  is small and the current is mild, you won't be disappointed.

6801-7299 Westward Beach Rd Malibu CA 90265  

34.002698, -118.808893

Operating Hours:
For Beach Emergencies Dial 911

Open 365 days a year. Hours of operation for all beaches: sunrise to sunset 
There are no public phones or restrooms at the Preserve. Beach restrooms can be found on Westward Beach Road toward Point Dume. 

 Paradise Cove to Pt Dume

Point Dume Dive Area 

Point Dume, is one of the best dive spots in terms of marine life and structure in all of Malibu.   You will find more reef and structure as you head toward the pinnacles.  This is a SMR, State Marine Reserve and no fishing and no take zone.  No exceptions!



(P) Parking - park where you plan to dive.  Take Westward Beach Road, pay the fee (~ $8) and pull to the far end of the Westward Beach Lot to make it  easy to suit up and shorten your walk, and surface swim to the Point. There are facilities - restrooms and showers.  Suit up at the car. Sorry this park does NOT accept the California Explorer Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass.

Dive Area Review:

The best of the best of beach dives when the waves and surf and current are mild. Most days are for advanced divers only due to long surface swim from shore, and potential currents. Beach facilities here.  Easy dive navigation but currents are prevalent most of the time.  No stairs but over 500 foot walk across sand and 1200 foot plus moderate surface swim out to the Point.  Watch your currents as it may be vigorous or change during your dive. Check with the Lifeguards onsite.


From Los Angeles: Highway 1 (PCH) west 21.5 miles from Santa Monica. turn left on Westward Beach Road (1.3 miles)

From Ventura: 101 Freeway to Highway 1 (Exit 62B for CA-1/Oxnard Blvd/Pacific Coast Highway), continue to follow CA-1 S/Pacific Coast Highway  for 35.7 miles

What to bring:

Cash only to pay for parking and a credit card to stay and go to brunch or lunch at the Sunset Restaurant.  The food and environment is a perfect setting for relaxing. Scuba Kit, certification card, first aid kit, snacks, drinks, munchies for yourself or to share, water bottle/jug to rinse off the sand at your car.  Showers and restrooms available at the beach site.  No Fishing license needed as you cannot funt in this area.  Double check your gear, and stop by (12 miles north) Malibu Divers if you forget or need something.