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Ocean's Lost & Found

Ocean's Lost & Found

“He who is shipwrecked the second time cannot lay the blame on Neptune”
                                  ~Ole' English Proverb 

If you have lost or found an item, you can submit it using our Contact Us and we'll be happy to post the following information.  If you have a photo of it or a like item, we'll include that as well. 
Maybe, and that's a big maybe, if you are lucky and King Neptune is smiling down on you - someone will find your item.  If a lost item is found, we will contact you.

Reported Lost Items:
Location   Other? 
July 15, 2018  Lost keys at the south part of Point Dume State Beach around 7-8:30 PM. Those are three keys that are chained together: a car key (Toyota), key with a key cover of dog face and a red key. A small doll of bear was also chained. I assume that those were lost in the sand beach, not in the sea. Rewards if found.
 Pointe Dume  If found, contact Malibu Divers. 
 May 14, 2018 GoPro Hero5 while surfing at Zuma Beach attached to a head strap; half a mile south of the movie set trailers, 80-100 feet from shore
Zuma Beach   If found, contact Malibu Divers. 
 May 5, 2018 GoPro Hero5 attached to a broken ski pole pole which was only 18-24 inches long.
Leo Carrillo If found, contact Malibu Divers. 
 April 29, 2018 GoPro Hero5 Black lost in the surf near last beach entry point from beach to point. Also lost both of his fins.
Point Dume If found, contact Malibu Divers.
Jan 27, 2018 GoPro Hero 5 while surfing; waist deep water during high tide, in front of Tower 26 just slightly to the right of the lifeguard tower. Reward if found.
near tower 26 in Santa Monica
If found, contact Malibu Divers.  
 Sep 4, 2017 I lost my go pro hero 5 black when recording near to beach can someone help me to find it. I was preparing a beautiful video in America but all is gone now.
El Matador Beach   If found, contact Malibu Divers. 
Aug 6, 2016 A pair of prescription kids glasses and a silver GoPro  El Matador Beach  If found, contact Malibu Divers.
Aug 2, 2016  Ricoh WG-30 Underwater camera  El Matador Beach
If found, contact Malibu Divers.
 Oct 4, 2015 Mask and 1 Fin Corral Canyon Beach If found, contact Malibu Divers.
 Oct 2, 2015 Single Aqualung Slingshot Fin w/spring coil strap, L/XL, Gray/Black Big Rock, south of Moonshadows If found, contact John at
Aug 27, 2015  Silver GoPro 3 Camera  Leo Carillo lost close to shore in area 2 (the leashed dog area). Waist high depth Contact Mark
 August 9, 2015 Mares Clear & Blue Mask Nicholas Cyn Contact 
Thanksgiving 2014  Yellow Tilos Fantasia Mask prescription lenses & snorkel
Malibu Rd Easy to identify, and not very useful for many other people. 
 Late Oct 2014 TUSA X-Pert Zoom Z3 Fin-Med-Blu Topanga  One fin with spring strap in surf zone, contact Malibu Divers
Sep 27, 2014  PADI Instructor OW & AOW Cue Card (Korean) Malibu Pier  They are in Korean, so you can't use them!
June 8, 2014  XL Blue Atomic Aquatic Split Fin Peace Boat  Found Med. Blue Atomic Aquatic Split Fin; you took mine! Let's swap!
September 28, 2013  Cressi fin with spring strap  Topanga Beach  Phone# on it contact:
 September 28, 2013 silver and black dive fin
Webb Beach  Contact
 August 31, 2013 Go Pro Camera while diving El Pescador Beach Contact 
 August 22, 2013 Andre Speargun, 145cm
Name & phone # on it 
June 4, 2013  Trident 4" X 6" Super Slate and Pencil W Malibu Pier contact store 
~ May 2013 XL black fin, similar to a jet fin, spring strap Corral Cyn.  If found, contact Malibu Divers.  
 March 23-24, 2013  Aeris Velocity X3 black dive fin, 
Body Glove snorkel blue/clear
Malibu Road  If found, contact Malibu Divers.  
 March 16, 2013   Atomic Frameless, Black, Medium Fit Escondido  If found, contact Malibu Divers.  
 February 9, 2013   SP Jetsport, spring strap Black Big Rock  If found, contact Malibu Divers.  
 November 12, 2012 GoPro Camera Leo Carillo  If found, contact Malibu Divers. 
 November 1, 2012 Uwatec Aladin Air Z Nitrox Computer, blue Escondido Reward
September 15, 2012 BCD Weight Pocket Malibu Pier Reward 
April 7, 2012 
 Sealife Camera
Anacapa Is

Reported Found Items:
Location   Other 
 ~ Thanksgiving 2014
 yellow Tilos Fantasia with prescription lense
Nov 5, 2014  SP Jetfin Large Name it! Tell us where you lost it. 
Late Oct 2014  GoPro Camera Leo Carillo Contact Malibu Divers & Describe
August 15, 2013  BMW Remote/Key Topanga Beach Contact
July 24, 2013  Bracelet MD Store Call & describe to claim. RETURNED!!
 April 23, 2013
Leo Carillo Beach
Call and describe gun to claim.
October 12, 2012   GoPro Camera  Topanga Beach  Describe content to claim
September 15, 2012 Ring of Keys U/W at Malibu Pier Coastal Clean-up Diver 2012

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