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Junior Continuing Education

Junior Continuing Education

Continue the Life Long Adventures with Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is already fun.  But what if we told you that when your children become scuba divers they have advantages for life.  How can we say that?  Because we've seen it in the kids we have taught and what they go on to do.   A lot of the children that did the most diving and training with us have excelled in other areas of their life.  Some of them have grown up with Malibu Divers and become members of our current team.  Check out the history of our people who have been on our team and where are they now.

After achieving their Junior Open Water diver certification, children can continue to expand their experiences and knowledge through our Junior Continuing Education programs and workshops.

Here's some of the benefits we have seen:
  • A sense of self-empowerment that comes through the education and structure; children learn new things and interact with other adults and children in a structured activities. This builds character and self-esteem in the individual. 
  • A sense of belonging that makes them part of a unique club that has special recognition and prestige. 
  • A sense of confidence that comes from children learning to take responsibility for their actions and equipment while meeting established goals. This builds confidence and pride.
  • A sense of relationships because children work with a buddy and must depend on each other while diving this reinforces cooperation, self-control and teamwork.
  • A sense of challenge and determination because children are challenged to learn new skills and work through situations underwater. This allows them to test their abilities and find success through perseverance. Scuba diving is good alternative to other highly competitive activities available to children.
  • A good source of outdoor physical activity, snorkeling and scuba diving are non contact physical activities that provide children with opportunities to exercise under supervision. Parents can be confident that their children's safety and enjoyment are of primary importance during diving activities.
  • Fun while scuba, children learn they can do incredible things, and they use their imagination when they are having fun.
Summary of PADI Continuing Education Courses –  for 10 years old and older:
 Junior Adventure Diver 3 dives
 Underwater Digital Photographer Specialty 2 dives
 Underwater Navigator Specialty 3 dives
 AWARE Fish Identification Diver Specialty 2 dives
 Underwater Naturalist Specialty 2 dives
 Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty 2 dives
 Pirate Diver Specialty 2 dives
 Kelp Diver Specialty 2 dives

 Summary of PADI Continuing Education Courses & Ratings  for 12 years old and older:
Junior Advanced Open Water Diver   5 dives or 2 more dives if Adventure Diver
Drift Diver Specialty 2 dives
Search and Recovery Diver Specialty 4 dives; Jr. Advanced Open Water required
Night Diver Specialty
2 dives
Enriched Air Diver
no dives (optional)
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver (DPV) 2 dives
Junior Rescue Diver Classroom & pool work with extensive rescue diving drills; must be Jr. Adventure Diver with Navigation
Junior Master Scuba Diver Advanced, Rescue and 5 PADI Specialties