Breath-Hold Diving - Safety, Ease & Comfort                    

Freediving or breath-hold diving is a type of advanced snorkeling, skindiving and water adventure that allows you to experience the sights, sounds and challenges of the most natural of underwater experiences.


Human evolution and development has ingrained us with an underwater potential the same as our marine cousins, whales, seals and dolphins. Without the use of underwater breathing apparatus, freedivers on a single breath of air can explore the underwater realm for minutes at a time with relative comfort. Freediving is about the comfort and exploration of the ocean realm for recreation, spearfishing, competition or personal discovery.
Malibu Divers' program helps enthusiastic men, women and youth to explore the underwater world with expert training, support and products from the world's top freedivers.

Instructor: Vaclav Havlik is an instructur with Fii, Freediving Instructors International, He has been a freediving instructor for over 10 years, with PFI (2005) and then FII (2013), has taught over 40 programs and certified over 60 individuals. 

His focus is always on safety first followed with having fun for you to have the best possible experience. He is also an avid spear fisherman. He will provide you with the personalize expert service to train you. Our classes are kept small and limited to a maximum of 6 students.

Equipment Requirements
  • Mask, fins and snorkel - Preferably low volume mask and long blade fins.
  • Wetsuit with gloves and boots - 5mm-7mm wetsuit is required for pool and ocean sessions. Ideally a good freediving suit with attached hood is perfect.
  • Socks and gloves of at least 3mm in thickness.
  • Weights and weight belt - Having an assortment of smaller weights to adjust for proper buoyancy is a must.
  • Depth and/or timing device - A waterproof watch at the very least, better yet a freediving computer is perfect.
Come visit us to see and hear about our freediving gear recommendations. We carry among others the following items and brands:
  • Masks: Aquasphere, Riffe, Atomic, Cressi
  • Snorkels: Riffe, Cressi
  • Fins: Riffe, Cressi
  • Wetsuits: Riffe, Cressi
  • Weight belts: rubber belts
  • Computers: Suunto D4, D6, D9; ScubaPro Meridian, ScubaPro Chromis
Don't worry about lines, floats and those sorts of things, we'll bring that. 

About Fii: FII (Freediving Instructors International) is the world’s fastest-growing freediving education program with certified instructors across the globe. FII is the only freediving education program in the world accepted on a collegiate level. FII's elite instructors utilize a professional and highly effective, standardized freediving education system that has been carefully developed by FII founder and 13-time World Record Freediver, Martin Stepanek.

Level 1 Freediver  About the course
 • Minimum Age: 18 (16-17 with parental consent) 
 • Open Water Training: 1 sessions
 • 2 day course - includes Academic review & student manual and workbook, pool session, open water session.
 • Course led by an experienced Fii Instructor
 • Course results in an international certiļ¬cation from Fii
The Level 1 course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of behavior and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement. The Level 1 course is an introduction to the fundamental techniques of the FII education system. This highly effective 1.5 day course covers everything from safety & problem management, breathing techniques & equipment selection to correct freediving methods for gradual depth progression. For many, this is the point of entry into FII's formal freediving education system and provides divers with a solid foundation to freedive confidently and safely up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters with breathholds up to 3 minutes. For divers already achieving these depths, it will provide an enhanced understanding of the sport and modern new techniques in order to be doing this more effectively and most importantly, more safely. This program includes academic presentations, confined water training and one open water session. The course greatly improves breath-hold and comfort levels.

This course covers the following subjects:
  • Level 1 Safety & Problem Management for Freediving 
  • Level 1 Breath-Hold Technique Development 
  • Level 1 Confined Water Rescue and Buddy Supervision Techniques 
  • Introduction to Freediving Specific Equipment 
  • Basic Physics and Physiology for the Level 1 Freediver 
  • Freediving Technique Development 
  • Correct Breathing for Freediving 
  • Equalization Techniques for the Level 1 Freediver 
  • Open Water Rescue Skills, Buddy Supervision and Self Evaluation 
It is important to understand that with proper training and knowledge a Freediver will improve the depth as well as the dive time.

If you are interested in registering, finding out more or would like to set up a private course, please email us.