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Discover Local Diving / Guided Dives

Discover Local Diving / Guided Dives

The Sea, Once It Casts Its Spell, Holds One In Its Net Forever ~ Jacques Cousteau

You're a diver, you know what this means.  If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting here on vacation or business, scuba diving here can be amazing and yes, a but intimidating.  If you're new or new to the area, we are here to help take you scuba diving.  Not only that but we like meeting new people and showing them better places to dive and help with your confidence and technique.  Diving takes practice and learning to get better takes time in the water with a professional.  Fun and safety are always paramount to every dive adventure.

Our Malibu Diver Pro's are available to take you diving at the beach, boat and beyond.  We can arrange your entire trip for large or small groups or private excursions around the world.   Want to do one dive during the week or multiple dives over the weekend?  How about a night dive?  Need gear, no problem.  Ask and we will make it happen - because we love diving.

We look forward to meeting you.