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About Camp Emerald Bay Catalina

About Camp Emerald Bay Catalina

For over 20 years, Malibu Divers been managing and providing the scuba diving training and services to Camp Emerald Bay Boy Scouts and Leaders.  When you're at Camp and Scuba diving, we're the team that is there to help you.  During the non summer months, we are also offering scuba diving training and guided dives and other adventures to our classes and the general public - check our Calendar for Camp & Dive Weekends.


Camp Emerald Bay is a Boy Scout Camp operated by the Western Los Angeles County Council of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA. It has been in the same location since 1925.  The facilities are world-class and offer a plethora of history and adventure.  BSA calls it the "Gem of Catalina", we couldn't agree more.  It's an amazing environment.  With the remote serene location, the beautiful terrain of surrounding mountain heights rimmed with vegetation to the depths of the magnificent Pacific Ocean accessible at your doorstep.  The setting is truly perfect for the many land and water activities that are offered during the summer time and throughout the year. Participants come back year after year because they never tire of the opportunities available to them to explore and enjoy.  Join BSA and be a Boy Scout (boys, 11 to 17 years old) or member of a Venture Crew (co-ed youths 14 to 20 years old).


Emerald Bay is located at the far west end of Catalina, and west of Two Harbors.  On the Catalina Map, please note the red arrow that points to Emerald Bay. During the summer, Boy Scout boat ferry transportation is provided directly to and from the Camp.  At Camp, you can find the Malibu Divers at the Dive Locker which is on the ground floor in the Pennington Marine Center (see blue arrow on Camp Map).  
Housing is:
  • Pre-Assembled Tents: for when Scouts come to camp, you stay in one of the many two-person army style wall tents. Each tent is secured onto a wooden platform, canvas walls/roof and contains two cots and two mattresses. 
  • Rustic Wood Cabins: w/electric lights/outlets for non summer months, cabins are available on first come first serve basis depending on various events and time of year.

Dining Hall: Good meals are prepared daily by experienced camp staff. Breakfast typically includes eggs, pancakes, cereal, and much more. Lunches are simple, usually either a sandwich bar or hot food. Dinners may include main course with veggie options; and of course we always have dessert. You will not be disappointed.

Bathrooms and Showers: Access to clean facilities and running water are necessities in today's day and age. Emerald Bay has flushable toilets and separate bathroom and hot shower units for adults, youth, and females.

Malibu Divers offers the following Scuba Programs and Experiences during the BSA Summer Camp:

Where will you dive? Doctor's Cove is the most popular place to start. Outside of Scuba, you can kayak, snorkel, mountain bike, hike, rifle shoot, swim, canoe, movie night, join a campfire, take an aquarium tour and much more. Yes there is limited internet access and poor cell phone reception, so don't count on spending too much time on them.


We love diving at Emerald Bay.  We think you will too.  There's so much to enjoy.  Check our Calendar for Camp & Dive weekends for training and fun diving. Whether it be during the summer months (June-August) or not, we can include training and diving there year round.

Come join us!