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Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island

"Eneepah" Island of Deception or Mirage

The closest of the Channel Islands, Anacapa Island is 12 miles southwest of Oxnard and 14 miles from Ventura. By boat it takes around 1 hour to get there. It is more like a series of 3 small land masses stretched over five miles but its skinny, spectacular total land area is only about one square mile. Is it any wonder that the name Anacapa from its American Indian name, derived from the Chumash Indian word, "Eneepah", means island of deception or mirage.
For many, at the east end of Anacapa a natural bridge has formed in the ocean, the forty-foot high Arch Rock is the trademark of Anacapa. It formed from ocean waves that have eroded the perimeter of the island, creating steep sea cliffs towering hundreds of feet in height and exposing the volcanic origins of air pockets, lava tubes, and sea caves.

Did You Know?
The Anacapa Island lighthouse, turned on in 1932, was the last permanent lighthouse that was built on the west coast.

From Ventura Harbor (interactive map directions), these are the Boats we use to go to Anacapa Island:
Most weekend departures are at 7 am, and you can sleep on-board (Peace and Spectre ONLY) the night before if you want to skip an early AM arrival.  Check the Calendar for each Trip's and Boat's details.