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About So-Cal Diving

About So-Cal Diving

"Lose yourself in nature and find peace." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Southern California living includes exploring the local beaches, islands, coves and ocean. You can scuba dive year round and enjoy the many local dive sites. You have an an amazing diving oasis here that can provide a lifetime of adventure and intrigue. If you're not scuba diving, you are missing out on world class diving in your own back yard. Worried about getting cold?  Try a dry suit or a new wetsuit.  There's no excuse for not diving here any more.


In this section - we're highlighting the local islands and popular dive areas that are off the coast line. When planning to travel to dive at these sites - it is important that you check the weather forecast and what type of diving is planned as it can vary from easy, beginning cold water diving to very advanced.  If you have not been cold water diving, we recommend to a pool checkout and then going with one of our Dive Pro's on a DLD or discover local dives. If you haven't been diving and need a tune-up or Scuba Review, we can take care of you.  Want to do a private charter for 1-2- 3 days?  We do that as well. Contact us.


If you're planning a dive trip, make sure you come talk to us about what is the latest news and happenings. Events, and local restrictions change - be it access or sightings or safety concerns can change and it might save you some heartache or time to check-in with us.


Need assistance?  Contact us.  Your local Paradise awaits!