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About Scuba Gear

About Scuba Gear

Welcome & Intro to Scuba Equipment

Scuba gear like camping, skiing/snowboarding and other outdoor activities is gear intensive.  It can be confusing and overwhelming.  So we're going to break it down for you by item, package, area or type and creates links to each type of item for you.  This section is a resource for all divers to come and learn about gear, what to look for and how to choose gear.  Our goal is to help you understand more about the gear that may be the best match to your needs and the type of diving you expect to do. You don't and shouldn't do this on your own because if you're new, we can help you one-on-one more easily and quickly see the difference.  At any time, if you have any questions - just send us an email or setup an appointment with us to learn more.

For over 40 years, our basic credo is that we will recommend what best fits you. Not what costs the most or what is most popular or what is on special that month. We want you to come back in a day, a week or year later and still say "I'm glad I got this gear". You will find that our relationship builds over the years as your dive experience increases as does our understanding of your needs. Try getting that service over the Internet!

Personal Snorkeling Gear and "Hard" Scuba Gear
To start scuba diving, you will be required at a minimum to own your set of snorkeling gear - mask, snorkel, and fins. Additionally, you will be required to have an underwater timing device - such as a waterproof watch or computer.  Even these simple items have specific features and are personally fitted to each individual, it is not recommended that you borrow these items. "Hard" scuba gear generally includes your BCD, Buoyancy Control Device, exposure suit (wet suit), regulator and gauges, cylinder (air tank) and weights are available for rent and purchase. You may want to own your own gear, but it is not necessary to own any or all of your hard gear to start learning to dive. However, your training on used and poorly maintained gear or "badly" sized gear can (and will) effect your enjoyment, ability to learn and safety.  Malibu Divers provides personalized consultation and service for a variety of sizes, manufacturers and types of rental gear that we not only sell in-house but we use to dive.

About Why Own (vs. Rent) Your Own Scuba Gear?
Part of the commitment you make to learn to dive should include acquiring and maintaining your own dive gear. It’s an excellent investment in yourself and in your diving adventures. Plus. no two people are the same and most gear used in scuba diving varies considerably in form, fit and function.  When you select and train on your own gear, you are able to achieve levels of proficiency and improvement in your diving technique you wouldn't otherwise. Other benefits to owning your gear include the ability to dive more often, education and familiarity of features, reliability of service records, maintenance and care, and ultimately, owning is more cost-effective than renting.  Disadvantages are the initial cost outlay and regular care and maintenance that are required.  Think you should wait until, you learn more? The best way to get familiar and comfortable with your gear, is to dive on your own gear. Don't know the first thing about gear and what to buy first - that's why we are here. START today!

The Importance of Buying From An Authorized Scuba Dealer
Most scuba gear is covered by warranties to the original owners, provided they have been purchased through an Authorized Dealer.  The only way to know if your dive store or other outfit is an authorized scuba dealer is to call the manufacturer directly, or confirm it by using the authorized dealer listings on manufacturers’ Web sites.  On the internet and even in stores, it is possible that you may purchase dive gear from non-authorized dealers.  For example, a store may have been a dealer or even a large Internet site may acquire new, used/returned or closed out products from overseas that they acquired through gray market or third-party channels. Most manufacturer's try to control these channels, but they cannot get all instances.  These sites may not be authorized to sell or service even a particular product.  Certain stores may not be not trained by the manufacturer, and may ship items not assembled. Inside a regulator it maybe sold without the original parts or refurbished with used or returned parts. For those reasons and more, when you go to get service or rent items, some manufacturers do not accept or warrant products sold by unauthorized resellers, who in turn may sell gear without a warranty enclosed, or include their own warranties that appear valid but are not recognized by the manufacturer. There may also be issues with post-sale assembly, service and notifications, parts costs, and exchanges.  

Malibu Divers is your link to the manufacturer for sales, service, performance, warranty, notification and upgrade issues.