Local LA Dive Sites

About Local LA Dive Sites

About Local LA Dive Sites

Life's a Beach, and I'm just playin' in the sand.  ~Lil Wayne~


Los Angeles local dive sites which are predominantly featured here, (we are in Malibu after all), cover over 20 miles of coast line.  The related beaches are owned or operated by Los Angeles County or State government in Malibu.  There are also Private beaches.


Check the Map and make sure you know the rules for that beach.  Alcohol is strictly prohibited on any State or County beach. There is a zero tolerance policy and citations are issued. Smoking is also banned on all beaches, County or State, between the Malibu city lines. CLICK HERE for additional information about beach ordinances.  If you are underwater hunting, know where the MLPA's begin and end, what they mean (we have maps and copies at the store), and the various sport fishing licenses, rules and laws in effect.


Our dive related information is provided based on our experience.  We will update this information over time but you should always consider that changes may have taken place. Have some suggestions or photos of our local dive sites?  Share them with us and we'll give you credit for the information. 


Also, you are advised to always check the tide charts, the forecast, our daily tweets and with lifeguards on duty regarding current conditions, such as riptides or undertows. Don't dive alone and avoid scuba diving into unknown locations; call us or come join us for one of our monthly fun dives. When not scuba diving protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen, stay hydrated, don't get too cold or too hot and wear a hat. Please keep the beach and ocean clean. Don't litter and if you find trash remove it carefully without disturbing any wildlife. It's always a good idea to call the parks to confirm operating hours and current conditions. Call the beach in advance to check on hours of operation. Be advised that weather can be changeable throughout the year, when in doubt don't dive. As we say, "live to dive another day!"


More information about the County-operated beaches can be found on the Los Angeles County website at  Additional information about the State-operated beaches can be found at