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About Dive Travel

About Dive Travel

Chauffeured to the doorsteps of your dive. Plunge into warm, calm, clear turquoise ocean. Guided by attentive, skilled Pros’. Mountainous coral heads and sponges are everywhere. Float effortlessly on a high speed drift dive. Slowly descend into an intriguing deep blue hole. Feel the adrenaline rush of a shark feeding dive.  Indulge in a relaxing massage or take a nap.  Savor a sumptuous gourmet meal at sunset. Wander a beach or shop a local village.  Watch the bio-luminescence glow on a full-moon night dive. Make new friends and memories for life.  From Malibu to Maldives, 1000’s of choices, come dive with us!


Our Philosophy of  Dive Travel

A scuba diving trip, locally or abroad should be a wonderful way for you to rejuvenate; whether that means full days of activities or downtime, the choices are up to you. When traveling abroad, we want you to have time to sink your toes into soft sand and warm water, and let your cares melt away. Take in the scenery, explore the local underwater environment with scuba diving and topside with activities to enhance your enjoyment and your sense of adventure. Planning your travel should also be a breeze, with Malibu Divers, because we can help you plan your flights, accommodations, and other activities to destinations around the world.  Your adventure begins with being lead by Malibu Divers who are experienced travel specialists who provide you a full range of dive travel opportunities for everyone, from new divers to "old salts".


What do you need to know

One of the most frequent questions, we get are "where's your favorite dive spots?" The answer which for most seasoned divers is the last place they dove or some longer story about a dive or two that they did which was particularly memorable. What appeals to one person, may not to another.  When planning a dive trip, a thorough discussion and review of your needs has to take place about the type of diving, your current level of dive training and experience relative to the diving that is available, special dive equipment needed, dive permits, accommodations, food requirements, other activities, etc. Do you want to dive 1 tank or 5 tanks per day and for how many days of your trip?  Dive operators and facilities are changing all the time.  You can expect us to be thorough in our review.


Keep in mind that even the best dive spots can have "good" days and "not so good" days.  If you're diving in the open water, you are traveling to your destination.  From weather to travel delays to lost luggage to whatever might come up, these things are unpredictable and often uncontrollable factors.  We offer dive travel insurance for one trip or all your trips in a variety of packages to help mitigate any unforeseen incidents.  There's a reason why the saying goes - "don't leave home without it". 


Why Travel with Malibu Divers?

We're very proud of the reputation that we have built and the following we have had with clients.  Yet, the main reasons that Malibu Divers should be at the top of your list of dive travel partners you are considering are: Why Malibu Divers