Boat Charters

About Dive Boats

About Dive Boats

Dive boats rock. Literally and figuratively, they are the best way to get to the best spots to dive. 


Whether it is a private luxury yacht to a fast local six-pack boat to an 88 foot dive boat, the boats and their captains and crew are amongst the best in the world at what they do. They take us to the best dive sites based on conditions, keep us well fed and are operated with safety in mind.


In this section - we're highlighting, the local boats we charter during the year.  There are some differences amongst the boats from what they offer and the charters they offer from scuba diving to underwater hunting or other activities. Also, keep in mind that overall travel time to and from sites will vary from which harbor, to which destination, the current weather conditions and the speed of the boat.


Harbors where you can find these boats (go to specific boat page for a map and directions):

  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
  • Marina del Rey
  • San Pedro
  • Long Beach
  • Avalon (Catalina)
  • Mission Bay (San Diego)

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When planning to dive on these boats - it is very important that you check the weather forecast and what type of diving is planned as it can vary from easy, beginning cold water diving to very advanced.


If you have not been cold water diving, we recommend that you join us for a pool checkout dive and then hire one of our Dive Pros for the boat for a DLD or discover local dives. If you haven't been diving and need a tune-up or Scuba Review, we can take care of you.  Want to do a private charter for 1-2- 3 days?  We can do that as well. Malibu Divers also has (1) current licensed Boat Captain (Grant) on staff  and others locally who are available as well. Contact us.


Your plan should include:

  • Take preventive measures such as sea sickness medications. Dramamine or Bonine work for most people; you do need to take them at least 1 hour before departure for best results. Talk to us, we can help refer you to more information.
  • Bring a few extra clothes to layer, rain gear/water repellent clothing, and other necessities in case of delay.
  • Include a cell phone charger or better yet turn off your phone once you are sea. Most cell phones will continue to search in roam mode to find a tower and drain a cell phone's battery.
  • Leave an itinerary with a family member or friend in case you are delayed. 
  • Be well rested for your trip, start checking your gear a week or more in advance in case it needs any service
  • Pack a few days before to alleviate any last minute forgetfulness. 
  • Mark your gear with paint pens. 
  • Arrive early to the boat and settle in to avoid the morning or last minute rush
  • Grab a bite to eat locally with time to spare. 
  • Turn in early to sleep on aboard or arrive early that morning depending on where you sleep best.
The local dive boats generally do not provide dive masters to lead dives. As a certified diver, you are responsible for your dive safety.  Pay attention during the boat's dive briefing and ask any questions if you need more information or confirm your plan.  Stay hydrated throughout the day and pace yourself. Most boats will start with the deepest dive of the day first.  You need to be aware of your own depth limitations and only dive to the depths you have been trained to.  The same goes for conditions like strong currents and blue water dives that require good neutral buoyancy control. Remember you don't have to do every dive if you're not experienced enough, tired or cold.  Enjoy being on the boat and on the water are still good ways to relax and rejuvenate.  After diving for the day, repack your gear carefully and check to make sure you have everything.


If you're planning a dive boat trip, make sure you come talk to us about what is the latest news and happenings. Events, and local restrictions change - be it access or sightings or safety concerns can change and it might save you some heartache or time to check-in with us.


Need assistance?  Contact us.  Your local Paradise awaits!