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Who is Malibu Divers?

Your scuba diving store for your lifetime and the next generation.

It's a team of more than 20 people who are trainers, instructors, divemasters, scientists, photographers, environmentalists, musicians, martial artists, actors, techies, fathers, mothers, students, interns, and takeout and "brown bag" experts, working around the clock in the water and out to make Malibu Divers the best scuba diving company in the world. 

Building great divers and dive professionals requires great people.  Since 1969, there have been over 200 Malibu Divers professionals that have served us well.  It is why we can offer a complete range of the highest quality of scuba diving certification training, equipment, travel and services for all of your scuba diving needs in Los Angeles, and southern California

Find out more about what it’s like to work at Malibu Divers, where we work and who are the people who "dive" our company to success.

Enough about us.  Let's talk about you.  Whether you are a non-diver curious about our sport, a new diver exploring or an old salt, our goal is to enlighten, entertain and share our love of the ocean.  Whether you are thinking about learning how to dive, looking for a new piece of gear, wondering where in the world to go diving, or expanding your diving horizons into a new and exciting specialty, the staff of Malibu Divers is happy to answer your questions, share their experiences and help to guide you in the direction you want to go.

When you come here and have experienced the difference, you'll keep coming back to us for the service, you've come to expect.  You'll get certified here, meet other divers here, and buy and have your gear serviced here.  If you're lucky, you'll even met your spouse here.  Of course, the honeymoon will include scuba diving at the most romantic island.  After that, scuba diving will be part of what you share together on local weekend getaways, and vacations around the world.  Years later, you'll wander in with plans for a scuba birthday party for your 8 year old.  And at 10 years old, you'll be ready to get him (or her) certified to dive with you.  A couple of years later, more kids, and more new divers.  Summer vacations will become filled with travel and activities including scuba diving and summer scuba camp at Emerald Bay.  Years later, when the kids are back in school and during spring breaks, you still find time for scuba diving together as a family.  The next thing we know, your kids, who are now young adults, are now coming back to dive with us.  And the circle continues.  If you have a question or a suggestion please feel free to contact us.

See you out there! 

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