No Cell Phones Allowed


Los Angeles, CA – April 4, 2015 - How’s the above-water world treating you lately? From the blare of your alarm clock in the morning, to traffic with its noise and frustration, the news tearing at you, your cell phone ringing. . .and that’s all before your work day even begins.
Even when we “get away”, these days, it’s hard to get away. We are always connected to our phones, computers, and the pressures that come with life. There is one place though, where very little of the surface world can touch us. It’s under the sea.

It is truly a world all its own. The first thing you may notice is the near silence under water. All the noises you are used to are gone and there is peace. You choose your speed. Swim along with the fish or stay still and observe the unique world going on around you. Learn to glide like a stingray or frolic like a sea lion. Or stay still and marvel at what you thought was kelp, but now realize is a camouflaged kelp fish. Even the Giant Sunfish can be found off our coast and off our Malibu beaches.  We, at Malibu Divers, love the sea, we marvel at it, we learn from it and we want all of our passion to rub off on you, as you learn and dive with us. 
SCUBA diving (and freediving) creates a unique and special bond between you and your buddy. Sharing the excitement of what you have experienced underwater brings families and friends closer together and gives you something to reminisce about for years to come. Each new trip, each new dive adds to a growing and ever changing list of shared sightings, adventures and experiences. 
So, if you have that husband or wife or friend who can’t seem to get away from the office, even when they are away from the office - even when they are on vacation. Or friends who are constantly checking their phones when you are trying out that great new restaurant together. Maybe the time is right to try scuba diving. There are no cell towers or internet connections in the water. So, truly get away from it all and come dive with us.
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