Exciting Dive Adventures Playing Tug of War

Octopus Dive Adventures

Los Angeles, CA – March 22, 2014 –There are once in a lifetime dive adventures that you plan to exotic locales; those where you challenge yourself to top your personal best; and then there are the unexpected adventures right here in California. This February two California divers, David Malvestuto and Warren Murray had an adventure of a lifetime when they interacted with a giant pacific octopus who wanted to make their underwater digital camera its own.


Bonaire Is More Than Just "Good Air"


Los Angeles, CA – December 8, 2013 – There are differing opinions among the cultures of Bonaire as to how the beautiful island got its name. The French translation for the Island is "good air." However, natives assert the name is from the Caiquetio language, originally spelled "Bonay" Either way, one fact is certain, Bonaire is more than just "good air." In fact, it has often been referred to as a diver's paradise.