What Goes Down Must Come Up


Los Angeles, CA – March 2, 2015 - Since its’ beginning, SCUBA technology has evolved ever-more effective tools for divers to gauge the duration of bottom time and the rate of ascent. The history of these devices can be traced from the earliest analogue dive computers, or decompression meters, manufactured in Italy in the late 1950’s, through the most advanced digital dive computers of the current age: Air-integrated dive computers.


Scuba Diving Gear: Tips for Finding a Wetsuit That Fits

Los Angeles, CA – November 7, 2013 – Once upon a time, there was a diver named Goldilocks. She went on a trip to the dive shop. Pretty soon, she came upon a wall of wetsuits. She knocked on the door of the dressing room and, when no one answered, she walked right in. We all know the rest of the story, right? She tries them all on and in the end declares, "Ahhh, and this one fits just right."

Buying scuba diving gear can be overwhelming. There are so many options.  How can you get that "happily ever after" experience with your wetsuit?


Lobster Diving: A "Tail" for the Breakfast Table

Los Angeles, CA – October 17, 2013 – It's almost dark; only a quarter moon will light the sky tonight. Excited divers dot the beaches along the southern coast of California. As the sun sets, the divers make last minute preparations to enter the water in Malibu, California. Adrenalin is pumping -- you know your dive buddy is with you, but you are alone with the thoughts in your head. You wonder what creatures you will discover in the darkness. You force yourself to slow your breathing and focus. You enter the water. The hunt is on; spiny lobster season is in full swing from Saturday, September 28, 2013 through Wednesday, March 19, 2014.


Why You Need a Dive Computer

Read why Dive Computers can make your diving safer, and potentially give you longer bottom times! Some even make very cool, awesome every day watches, too!