Peace Boat to Anacapa: Sea Lions, Dolphins & Whales Oh My!

Los Angeles, CA – February 6, 2016 - Southern California’s reputation as a surfing destination has been around for decades, first cemented in Hollywood movies like 1959’s Gidget and Beach Blanket Bingo, and with bands like The Beach Boys’ whose first three albums in the 1960s - Surfin Safari, Surfin’ USA and Surfer Girl, became synonymous with California’s youth lifestyle.
But as I recently discovered during a scuba trip to Anacapa Island with PADI scuba diving store Malibu Divers, not only are the waves amazing, but also what lies beneath them.
Full disclosure: I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know there were islands off Southern California. To me, islands conjure up images of the Caribbean or French Polynesia. Clearly I had a lot to learn.

No Cell Phones Allowed


Los Angeles, CA – April 4, 2015 - How’s the above-water world treating you lately? From the blare of your alarm clock in the morning, to traffic with its noise and frustration, the news tearing at you, your cell phone ringing. . .and that’s all before your work day even begins.
Even when we “get away”, these days, it’s hard to get away. We are always connected to our phones, computers, and the pressures that come with life. There is one place though, where very little of the surface world can touch us. It’s under the sea.


So You Want To Be A Scuba Instructor? Read This Story

Paradise Cove Malibu 

Los Angeles, CA – January 30, 2015 - January morning in Malibu’s Paradise Cove, windless and sunny, I was packed into seven-millimeter thick neoprene, geared up for a beach dive. It was my first ever on the southern California coast and my first step toward becoming a dive instructor, though I’ve been certified advanced open water since I graduated high school. You’ll have to guess when that was. I’m not telling. It’s been that long and, for me, too long to wait to take my diving to a professional level.


Not Just A Summer Vacation idea with Kids

SCUBA Fun as a Family 

Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2014 - The tween and teen years are some of the toughest for family vacations; the kids are too young for toys and to stay home alone, but too cool for the attractions-based vacations that used to work, and let's face it... not too many people are begging to keep your tween(s) or teen(s) for a week or so while you take off on vacation.


Five Reasons to Try Scuba Diving

Try SCUBA Today & Learn the Secret

Los Angeles, CA – April 26, 2014 - The term SCUBA is an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Scuba diving is underwater exploration while carrying the scuba gear like a backpack for the purpose of breathing underwater. Scuba diving is one of several ways of being underwater, but is the most convenient method. Scuba diving allows greater freedom when underwater and allows the diver to swim without restrictions.


Earn Valuable Non-Corny Skills By Training to be Rescue Diver

Kevin Costner, The Guardian

Los Angeles, CA – April 23, 2014 - What does Rescue Diver have to do with a corny rescue movie? Our Rescue Diver program will be better than any corny rescue movie you watch and more realistic.


Help Children Become SCUBA Divers and Give Them Advantages for Life

Advantages for Life

Los Angeles, CA – April 19, 2014 - When children become SCUBA divers, they have life long advantages. By the age of 10, children are eligible for SCUBA lessons and to be certified as Junior Open Water Divers. At the age of 15, teens can upgrade their certification to that of PADI Open Water Diver.


Lazy Reef Fish & New Scientific Discoveries

Lazy Fish Scientific Discoveries

Los Angeles, CA – April 18, 2014 –In most recent news, researchers that specialize in reef studies at James Cook University have found that warming oceans could slow down active reef fish. Studies conducted by the University's ACR Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have revealed that steadily increasing ocean temperatures have caused large reef fish to become lethargic. Many of the fish affected tend to rest on reefs or at the sea bottom, when they do take to the seas, they swim and at exceedingly reduced rate of speed.


Boy Scout SCUBA Diving Merit Badge Opportunity

Boy Scout at Camp Emerald Bay

Los Angeles, CA – April 17, 2014 –In order to progress through the ranks, boy scouts must earn merit badges. These badges are earned after a scout has demonstrated a specific level of proficiency in a particular field. One of the most popular merit badges is for scuba diving. Boy Scout Scuba diving is something that is both fun and enjoyable for all those involved in scouting.


Scuba Diving Gear for the 21st Century: Apps for Your Android

Android Apps For Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – March 25, 2014 –Android apps for your phone or tablet may not yet have attained the level of essential scuba diving gear or accessories, but you can bet you will live long enough to see that change. The following suggestions for apps to download to your phone or tablet computer may not yet qualify as the kind of scuba diving gear you cannot do without, but many of them may already have the power to enhance your love of the sport.