Scuba Diving Gear for the 21st Century: Apps for Your Android

Android Apps For Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – March 25, 2014 –Android apps for your phone or tablet may not yet have attained the level of essential scuba diving gear or accessories, but you can bet you will live long enough to see that change. The following suggestions for apps to download to your phone or tablet computer may not yet qualify as the kind of scuba diving gear you cannot do without, but many of them may already have the power to enhance your love of the sport.


Taking Lobster “By Hand” and 9 Important Rules for Lobster Diving

California Spiny Lobster Season Laws

Los Angeles, CA – January 11, 2014 – A guy (not the one above) maybe 30 years old came into Malibu Divers and said he was interested in buying a wetsuit. We chatted a while and discussed suits. I asked if he was certified. He said "certified for what?" Okay, so this is how it started.