Lazy Reef Fish & New Scientific Discoveries

Lazy Fish Scientific Discoveries

Los Angeles, CA – April 18, 2014 –In most recent news, researchers that specialize in reef studies at James Cook University have found that warming oceans could slow down active reef fish. Studies conducted by the University's ACR Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have revealed that steadily increasing ocean temperatures have caused large reef fish to become lethargic. Many of the fish affected tend to rest on reefs or at the sea bottom, when they do take to the seas, they swim and at exceedingly reduced rate of speed.


Boy Scout SCUBA Diving Merit Badge Opportunity

Boy Scout at Camp Emerald Bay

Los Angeles, CA – April 17, 2014 –In order to progress through the ranks, boy scouts must earn merit badges. These badges are earned after a scout has demonstrated a specific level of proficiency in a particular field. One of the most popular merit badges is for scuba diving. Boy Scout Scuba diving is something that is both fun and enjoyable for all those involved in scouting.


Scuba Lessons Can Be Profitable For Your Pocket And Your Soul

UNderwater Photography & Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – March 26, 2014 –There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, equal to being on the open water. Sunshine, glinting off of the blue ocean, the smell and taste of salt air, and sea breezes flowing across your body.

That is, of course, unless you are IN the open water. The views are spectacular!  From the smallest to the largest of all manner of sea life, the colors, textures and wonderment and SCUBA Lessons (or perhaps, FreeDiving but more about that in a future blog) are the only way to get this experience.


Dive Adventures Make For an Especially Memorable Children's Birthday Celebration

Scuba Birthday's For Children

Los Angeles, CA – March 24, 2014 –Kids have always been hard to please and that fact is only more so in this day and age. With all of the technological gadgetry including iPads, game consoles, and of course the internet, it is hard to find things that can really get your kids excited. And the problem is compounded when it comes to planning a child’s birthday party. Sure kids get excited about those first few birthdays when the experience is fresh and new to them. Perhaps you take them to a pizza parlor and celebrate with a group of their friends or maybe to see the latest animated movie at the multiplex. But eventually you come to a point where you really want to do something really different. You want to make it an extra special celebration; one that your child will find to be much more memorable than the standard cake-streamers-balloons-clown affair.

Kids and Scuba Diving: Amazing Opportunities

Boy Scouts Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – February 21, 2014 –Can you remember a time when you were a kid and tried something that had you giddy with excitement? Trying something new can spark curiosity and inspiration in amazing ways, and for kids, who are encouraged to focus and learn in school everyday, a hands-on experience is one of the best ways to make all that learning come alive. At Malibu Divers, we love scuba diving and here are a few ways that we think learning to scuba dive can inspire kids today:


ALL is Lost? CPR and First Aid Training Can Make Sure It's Not!

All Is Lost?

Los Angeles, CA – January 29, 2014 – From walking down the street to scuba diving to watching a movie, there's no situation where an emergency can't arise. That's why it's important to get and keep up-to-date on your CPR and First Aid training. It'll leave you thinking: All is Lost? I don't think so!


New Year's Resolution to Exercise: Start With Exciting Dive Adventures

Scuba Diving as  New Year's Resolution

Los Angeles, CA – January 3, 2014 – According to a recent study, these resolutions are among the top 10 that people make this time of year. Also cited was that “people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.” How many times have you made a resolution? One of the reasons people quit is that they fail to make a clear well-defined plan. So, why not start your New Year's resolution to plan more exercise with a fun and exciting sport? Start your New Year with scuba diving and potentially achieve your intentions. 


8 Reasons Why Women Make Better Scuba Divers

Los Angeles, CA – December 12, 2013 – To all the women out there considering taking up Scuba diving, some studies show you may have an upper hand on men. Although everyone is different and generalizations always have their exceptions, strong arguments can be made that women simply make better Scuba divers than men do. A study by Mandy Shackleton (see page 4) at the marine science center at Hull University in the United Kingdom found conclusive evidence. 


Scuba Referral: Learn Here, Dive There

Los Angeles, CA – November 14, 2013 - If you are a fan of nature documentaries, you have probably seen footage of natural undersea wonders like The Great Barrier Reef and the almost surreal beautiful coral gardens of the Caribbean and South Pacific oceans.

It is understandable that such otherworldly beauty would get you excited to scuba dive, but it's important to not get ahead of oneself. Scuba diving is a skill and it takes time to learn how do to it properly, carefully and safely.


Top 5 Reasons To Try Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2013 –You have made it to our website for a reason. You probably wouldn't be checking out a diving website unless you were interested in trying scuba diving. Wherever you are right now, a smart move would be to think a little bit more about saying sayanara to the world above the water's surface and take a turn diving under it. 

Why is this an adventure worth your effort? Read on for the top five reasons to try Scuba Diving.